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The 2022 Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

As Floridians, we know that a big variety of damage can come from our infamous hurricanes. Hurricanes have extremely strong winds that can seriously damage property, and the storm’s accompanying heavy rains and storm surges can result in significant flooding. When the power of a hurricane bears down on houses and buildings, these storms can truly destroy our homes. Consequently, it’s important to know how to best prepare your property by securing it before the worst of the storm hits. 

Prepare your property ahead of time with these tips:

  • Cut weak branches and trees surrounding your home
  • Install window and glass door shutters, roof clips, and garage door braces
  • Check for leaks: Seal doors, windows, and areas where cables and pipes enter 
  • Clean gutters to prevent potential roof damage and flooding inside your home
  • Make sure exterior doors are hurricane-proof
  • Replace gravel or rock landscaping with a light fire-resistant material to reduce damage
  • Clear clutter around your home

Enlist professional support

Ultimately, it’s also very important to know where to access reliable storm damage repair and emergency board-up services. Remember, you are not alone! That’s where we step in. At AIT, we offer a variety of services to keep your property and family safe. In the case that you’d like help preparing before the storm, we offer  24/7 rapid response emergency board-up services. These services involve a comprehensive assessment of your property with photo documentation for insurance. They also include the securing of your property with an individualized emergency board-up plan. We won’t miss a beat! 

In the case that damage to your property has already occurred, try not to stress. If a portion of your home floods during a hurricane, AIT’s quick and dependable water extraction technology and drying service will be of great use to you. Our water extraction services include removing all standing water from your property, thoroughly assessing the damage, drying all structures, and initiating mold prevention. You can rest assured that we won’t stop until your home is restored to its original state. If mold starts to emerge after the fact, our top-notch mold remediation services can take care of it in no time. Schedule a free assessment today to be fully prepared for this hurricane season.