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Take the Steps to Avoid Longterm Flood Damage

How to Recover Your Home from Flood Damage

We Floridians are well aware that the state’s notorious storms can cause a wide range of damages to our homes. Therefore, it is crucial to have a dependable flood damage service provider saved in your contacts. In the case of a flooded home, AIT offers fast and dependable water extraction and drying services. To make sure your home is free of harmful bacteria and viruses, we also provide mold remediation, testing, evaluation, and disinfection. A 24/7 rapid response emergency board-up service is also there for you anytime you need it. After all, protecting your property from flooding before a storm will reduce the degree of water damage to your home. Our flood damage services will return your home to its pre-flood condition whether you’re trying to minimize damage on your property before a storm or the harm is already done. Reach out today to schedule a free assessment.

Why We’re the Ones to Call

In the event of flood damage, why are we the best team for you? Well, because  AIT has the expertise and resources to handle all of your storm damage needs. We won’t leave until your house is in like-new condition. AIT opened its doors in 2006 and started out as a mold remediation and prevention company. Since then, it has broadened its scope to include mold testing, remediation, water extraction and restoration, and natural disaster response all across the Southeast. Our highly qualified staff members are specialists in water extraction, mold remediation, emergency board-up, building and grounds restoration, and property condition verification. We take pride in our strong team and always stand by the high quality of our work. You can trust us when times are tough. Give us a call today to get the support you need.