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What is White Mold and Why is it an Issue?


What is White Mold?

The term “white mold” refers to a variety of mold species that you may find growing in your home. It looks similar in appearance to other mold and flourishes in moist or musty environments. Its color can often be difficult to spot, making it go commonly unnoticed. It should be noted that this mold likes to grow on or around organic materials. It can often be found in soil, wood, drywall, leather, or paper products. 

Why is White Mold an Issue?

Mold is a normal element of our natural environment. However, when it enters our homes and is left to its own devices, it can cause serious problems. Consequently, this can pose a threat not only to our health but also to the structural security of our homes. Indeed, prolonged contact with white mold may cause health issues such as allergic reactions, eye irritation, headaches, respiratory issues, and more. Not to mention, neglected white mold can lead to minor to serious destruction to the wood structure of your home.

How We Can Help You

With 16 years of experience working in mold remediation and prevention, AIT has learned our fair share about white mold. Whether you found mold growing in the basement, on drywall during a remodel, or after a major storm, we know exactly what it takes to manage the situation. Essentially, we will come in and provide you with several services. If it’s determined that remediation is necessary, we offer complete eradication of mold spores, removal of damaged walls and ceilings, and rebuilding services only if your conditioned materials are compromised. If you cannot see visible signs of microbial growth or are curious about the species of mold you do see, we offer comprehensive testing and analysis in order to provide you with an educated mold protocol. Schedule a free mold inspection today!